Exhibition Games: Fuego vs Humans

For games against other programs see the competitions page.

Human vs. Computer Go Competition at IEEE WCCI 2012 in Brisbane

Fuego won a 19x19 game with only 2 handicap stones against Chang Sheng-Shu, 6 Dan amateur. Fuego also won a 9x9 game against Tsai Shang-Rong, 6 Dan amateur. Komi was 7 points. This game was very close and looked like it could be jigo (tie), but move 32 was a mistake by the human.

Fuego played a 13x13 (no handicap, 0.5 komi) and a 19x19 game (6 handicap) against Chou Chun-Hsun, professional 9 Dan, but was crushed both times.

Human machine competition in Barcelona 2010

Fuego played well in its 9x9 games with White, winning against professional 4 Dan Chou Ping-Chiang and losing after achieving a winning middle game position against Chou Chun-Hsun 9 Dan. However, its games with Black and its handicap games on 13x13 were one-sided wins for the humans. A detailed analysis can be found in the report TR 10-08 linked on the publications page.

Human vs. Computer Program Competition (FUZZ-IEEE 2009)

At this event, held August 21-22 2009 on Jeju Island, Korea, Fuego played a total of three official games. Two were 9x9 games against the top-rank (9 Dan) professional player Chou Chun-Hsun (his name is also transliterated as Zhou Junxun). Fuego won the first game playing white against Mr. Chou by 2.5 points. It is the first time that a computer program has won a 9x9 game on even against a top-ranked player, so this represents a milestone for Computer Go. Fuego lost the second game against Mr. Chou, playing Black. In the final official game, Fuego got an upset win on 19x19 against Mr. Chang Shen-Su, a strong 6-Dan amateur player, with 4 handicap stones.
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